Principal at Aldborough P.S. in Rodney, Ontario. Former Learning Technologies Coordinator, passionate about #edtech, leadership and student voice

#Open - My One Little Word

    I've never really been "into" New Year's Eve celebrations and everything that comes with it. I am however keen on making changes in both my personal and professional life through constant reflection. Last year I came across the One Little Word movement and it had an immediate impact on my thinking. As I worked through the process the word Mindful came to me. It was my One Little Word until this September. As this point you might be thinking why September? Why not January? Well it really comes down to what I consider my New Year. September is when everything changes for me. School starts, the action begins and the work of making the best possible learning environment for students is well and truly underway. So this past summer I began to think about my One Little Word and how it could fit into my professional life. I would be starting...
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Taking Pride in Your Work

    When you really listen it's amazing what you can hear. Yesterday I was at the grocery store getting a few items when I overheard a conversation in the produce section between an older grocery store stocker and a younger stocker in training. It was the message that the elder delivered to his trainee that really lifted my spirits and had reflecting on life in a school. As he demonstrated how to arrange the apples he turned to his younger friend and said "Yesterday I arranged the Granny Smith's so perfectly that I stood back and didn't want anyone to touch my creation. That's how you should feel after everything you do here. Take pride in what you do!" Wow, what great advice. As I finished my shopping I kept thinking back to the advice the elder stocker gave to his protege and how it could apply to life in...
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