#Open - My One Little Word

    I've never really been "into" New Year's Eve celebrations and everything that comes with it. I am however keen on making changes in both my personal and professional life through constant reflection. Last year I came across the One Little Word movement and it had an immediate impact on my thinking. As I worked through the process the word Mindful came to me. It was my One Little Word until this September. As this point you might be thinking why September? Why not January? Well it really comes down to what I consider my New Year. September is when everything changes for me. School starts, the action begins and the work of making the best possible learning environment for students is well and truly underway. So this past summer I began to think about my One Little Word and how it could fit into my professional life. I would be starting...
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Empty Hallways, Busy Mind

  "School's out for summer." ~ Alice Cooper   Today the hallways are quiet, the classrooms are empty but my mind is full. It's always a weird feeling for me the day after students have left for the summer. There's always the odd student returning because they forgot something important in their desk or just to say one last goodbye to their teacher, but for the most part it is eerily quiet. But as I said, my mind is full of thoughts about next year and how I can help move the school forward and support students and teachers. So as my mind continues to spin thinking about ways to best support students and teachers next year, below are my thoughts. More integration of our developmental education students. In fact, we have considered changing the name of our developmental education students to active learning students. For me integration of our active...
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My Idea

  "The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued." ~ Sir Ken Robinson   Yesterday my post asked the same question to 5 leaders from my PLN that I respect. The question was; "If you had the power to make 1 change, and 1 change only that would help to improve schools, what would it be?" They didn't disappoint with their responses, they were great.  Soon after I published the post, Aviva Dunsiger (@avivaloca) asked what my 1 change would be. I'm glad she asked because I had planned to post my idea today. As I considered the many ideas that would have a positive impact on schools I kept coming back to something I see almost every day in some shape or form - inquiry. Whether it's through passion projects,...
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