Reflections of Book Trailer Project

On Monday our grade 7 & 8 students completed their iMovie Book Trailers and over the last couple of days we've had time to reflect on the project.  What worked well? What didn't? What would we do differently next time?  Below are our reflections.

What we were happy with:

  • the technology worked flawlessly and the students had no difficulty using the software
  • the students were completely engaged in the storyboarding/writing stage
  • all groups worked well together
  • the storyboard templates were excellent organizational tools 
  • videos were very well received by the rest of the school during our video announcements (we heard many students commenting that they couldn't wait to read that book!)

What didn't work so well:

  • some students didn't quite fully grasp the concept of a book trailer
  • not all the iMovie templates lend themselves to the concept of a book trailer
  • some students didn't use their storyboards during filming

What we would do differently next time:

  • for the first time completing book trailers with iMovie we would assign the template for everyone to use that is most appropriate 
  • provide more examples of book trailers, making clear the difference from a movie trailer
  • only allow book trailers for books that haven't been made into movies yet
  • using example book trailers, co-create success criteria and anchor charts
  • integrate a process during the video creation stage where students receive feedback from peers and teacher

Next steps:

  • facilitate discussion with students regarding the project 
  • examine videos with students to determine if they met the criteria of the project
  • together determine how videos could be improved, possibly using groups and 2 stars and a wish
  • encourage creativity with next book trailer projects
  • determine a workflow (since storage will be an issue) - where to upload movies and deleting content on iPads?

Below is an example of a book trailer one group created. We would love your feedback!


Professional Reading Favourites
Creating Book Trailers with iMovie and iPads

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