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4 Apps to Keep Your Community Informed

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Using Social Media to Tell Your School's Story

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What Would You Do?

"Social networking is about building people up in your network NOT tearing them down" ~ Tasha Turner   Last week as I reading my various Twitter streams I came across a few disturbing tweets from an unhappy parent in the school community of a colleague of mine. I decided to click on the user's profile and discovered that almost all the tweets were criticisms of the school and the principal. In my opinion the tweets were bordering on harassment. They were uninformed and seemed to be written to begin an online argument. The account also did not use a real name, they were posting anonymously. This one-sided conversation on Twitter caused me to question my own belief of the importance of being connected and to use social media as a window into the school and the learning happening everyday. Should this scenario stop administrators, teachers and even schools from being...
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