Inquiry in Kindergarten

All week I found myself thinking back to the picture you see to the right and the resulting conversation with a struggling 4 year old student I'll call Sammy.  Sammy has some challenges that unfortunately interferes with his learning in the FDK (Full Day Kindergarten) program.  Nevertheless he comes to school everyday supported by his teacher and the classroom Early Childhood Educator.  But it was a simple conversation with Sammy that demonstrated the power of the inquiry-based learning philosophy of our FDK program.  As I walked into the classroom the first student I saw was Sammy.  He was totally engaged in his painting but was soon to be distracted from his masterpiece by another student wanting to take his blue paint.  Sammy didn't take kindly to the student just wandering over and not asking.  As I approached the arguing students I asked what the problem was.  The other painter said Sammy...
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