A View into a 1:1 iPad Classroom

I met Michelle Cordy ( @cordym ) around 2004 when I was a learning technologies coordinator and she was a young, energetic teacher looking to make her mark in the classroom. I knew at that moment in the computer lab at Althouse College that we would cross paths again. Since that first meeting I have watched Michelle grow into a fantastic teacher who integrates technology into her classrooms providing her students with amazing opportunities. I recently learned that she was successful in obtaining a grant that started with investigating the use of ePortfolios and then evolved into a 1:1 iPad classroom. With my own school moving to purchase more iPads I was keen to see how a master teacher utilizes iPads to engage students. Before making a visit to her classroom I decided to ask her a few questions to get a deeper understanding of her experiences plus I thought...
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School Life with No Connectivity

Thursday and Friday were interesting days at Tweedsmuir. Someone decided it would be a good idea to cut the fiber optic cable supplying the school. A act of purposeful vandalism is what the Bell technician told us, along with the fact that we would have no internet, printing, photocopying or access to home directories until the fiber was fixed. We could expect it to be operational again on Monday morning. Not only would this cause problems with teachers and students completing projects and preparing for lessons, the office would not have access to our student information system, attendance phone line, our supply teacher booking system TVARRIS or communications via FirstClass, Twitter, Facebook or our website. Would things grind to a halt, or would the school community roll with the punches and get on with learning. An interesting two days indeed. Initially I joked that we should probably shut the school...
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