2 Things We Can All Learn From Alex Bilodeau - Gold Medalist

  "Out of respect for my brother I have to go after these dreams and to do all within my power to make it happen" ~ Alex Bilodeau   In 2010 Alex Bilodeau became the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal on home soil. On Monday he became only the second Canadian Olympian to successfully defend a gold medal. Both tremendous accomplishments. But that's not what makes his life story so compelling. We can all learn 2 very important life lessons from Alex, which also makes him an amazing role model.  The first lesson we can learn from Alex is the idea that we can all find a passion or drive to succeed. For Alex this drive comes from watching his brother Frederic who was born with cerebral palsy. The Bilodeau family was told that Frederic would not be able to walk by the age of 12, but...
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Love, Writing and Chocolate Kisses

It's amazing what kindergarten students can do when given the opportunity. As this week came to a close I couldn't stop thinking about their amazing thoughts and writing about what love is. It's hard to believe that some of these same students, just 5 short months ago, started school without knowing the alphabet or even how to count to 10. Now their writing and profound thoughts on love have me counting myself lucky to be reminded about what love is. For me, love is my daughter ZoĆ«. As she approaches her first birthday I can't imagine my life without her. So, If you are lucky enough to be celebrating Family Day this Monday I hope you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones and maybe even enjoy some "choklit kises". 
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