Scrawlar - An App Review

  One thing I miss about being a learning technologies coordinator is the time spent looking at new pieces of software, testing them out and then eventually piloting them with a classroom to see if they would be a good addition to our software library. I first came across Brian Aspinall's name about a year ago on Twitter from a #ff recommendation from @dougpete . After giving him a follow I quickly realized from his Twitter feed that we had many of the same interests but he had one amazing skill that I wanted and sadly still don't have...but I'm working on it! He has coding skills. Using those skills he has developed a number of web-based applications, one of which I am going to review for you here today called Scrawlar. You can read more about Brian and his web applications here  and follow him on Twitter @mraspinall A...
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GAFE You Have Me Convinced

 It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame ~ Marshall McLuhan There was a time when I was unconvinced about the power of web 2.0 apps and in particular Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Over the years I became more and more comfortable working with web 2.0 apps such as Evernote, Animoto, and Diigo. But for some reason the suite of Google Apps just didn't do it for me. It wasn't because they didn't work as advertised. I was impressed with the ability to collaborate on projects and share documents with a group. I just had this niggling voice in the back of my head that kept saying "What if your work disappears? Stick with Word, it will always be there." Well this week that all changed for me for two reasons. The first reason came to me as I...
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